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Worker Access Platform Design

As part of the temporary works for the New Pattullo Bridge Replacement project, Spannovation has been designing platforms to provide worker access for construction of the main span of the cable-stayed segment. The platforms are designed to be modular, allowing for quick assembly, disassembly and reconfiguration to meet the specific needs of different stages of construction, promoting reusability and reducing costs. They use Dayton C-49 brackets, anchored to concrete surfaces with B16 coil rod anchors. These anchors are cast-in-place and set back behind the required concrete cover using removable setback cones. After use, the anchor bolts are removed and the concrete surface is patched. The brackets support wooden joists, beams, and plywood, all conforming to the geometric requirements set out by WorkSafe BC. Integral to the safety of the platforms, the guardrail system is designed in strict accordance with WorkSafe BC regulations. This ensures maximum safety for workers, preventing falls and other accidents during the construction process.

The access platforms have been installed around the S2 Pier cap to facilitate worker access during the pouring of pedestals on top of the cap and the subsequent construction of the end span of the main cable stayed bridge. On March 6th, we inspected this platform for general conformance to the design plans.

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