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Bhanupali-Bilaspur-Beri New BG Line

The project involved the construction of five crucial railway bridges and river training/protection work and related earthwork. These bridges span over Donal Khad, Dabatwali Khad, Balaknath Khad, and Dharot-I & -II Nala, ranging from 3.50 km to 20.00 km. This construction is associated with the new Bhanupali-Bilaspur-Beri BG line in the states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

Our team worked closely with the contractor to develop the erection methodology, which included critical lift plans, rigging, stability restraints, and custom temporary shoring tower structures. We diligently addressed each issue that arose on site, from material or equipment shortages to crane availability and fabrication problems. In collaboration with the contractor, we developed a range of schemes with various variations, ready for implementation as needed.

The project utilized a custom designed shoring tower system to construct multiple composite steel spans of 31m and 46m across various bridge locations, crossing gorges with a clear height of about 45m. To expedite the process due to its repetitive nature, the contractor aimed to speed up the shoring tower's mobilization to reduce each span's time cycle. This led to the development of a modular system to enhance efficiency, significantly cutting down time and effort for each assembly and disassembly cycle. A major focus was on maximizing material reuse. For example, precast footing slabs were used for the shoring. A 4x8m slab was divided into two 4x4m slabs, prestressed to function as a single unit during use but could be separated for relocation. This design made each segment light enough for crane lifting, simplifying replacement.


Punjab-Himachal, India



Capital Cost

USD $90M


SP Singla Constructions Pvt Ltd


Construction Engineering

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