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CMSI Modular Bridge

Spannovation was engaged by CMSI for the proof of concept and detailed design of a modular bridge system invented by Mr. John Hilman. This innovative system employs a 4-steel I-girder structure supporting an FRP composite deck. The bridge serves temporary needs in sectors such as energy, pipeline, utilities, forestry, heavy construction, mining, and disaster relief. Its deck accommodates a 4.2m wide, single traffic lane and a 1.9m extendable pedestrian walkway.

The lightweight progressive design provides versatility in span configurations while facilitating effortless transport, installation, and demobilization. Span configurations range from 5-panel (16m) to 14-panel (42m) single spans, all featuring a constant superstructure depth of 1.37m. For longer configurations exceeding 12 panels, an underslung external post-tensioning system acts as a kingpost to enhance capacity. All modular system components are dimensioned to fit within containers, enabling transportation via ship, truck, and train.

The four girders are organized into two pairs and positioned on the deck section to efficiently distribute transverse loads from the single lane loading of the design vehicle. Hub beams connect the girders transversely and support the FRP panels. A parametric 3D FEM model on OpenBrIM, compliant with CHBDC CAN/CSA S6-19, was used to analyze the structure for CL-625, CL-800, BCL-625, CL-625-ONT, HL-93, and a 100 Ton construction vehicle. The design also underwent evaluation for permit vehicles. The parametric nature of the analysis enables swift modeling of various configurations.


Various Jurisdictions, Canada



Capital Cost

CAD $350k (Est)


CMS Infrastructure


Design Services

Load Evaluation

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