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DMRC Phase 4 DC-02 - Gokulpuri Flyover

The project involves the design and construction of an elevated viaduct from Maujpur (excluding) to Majlis Park (excluding). It includes a bridge across the River Yamuna, an integrated elevated viaduct with a PWD flyover at the lower deck, and a metro line at the upper deck from Yamuna Vihar to Bhajanpura. The project also includes eight elevated stations from Chainage 0.0 M to 12098.520 M of the Majlis Park – Maujpur Corridor, as part of the Delhi MRTS Phase-IV project.

Our team conducted an independent design review including construction staging and permanent load analysis and capacity checks for a project involving a curved, three-span balanced cantilever bridge known as the Gokulpuri Flyover with a span arrangement of 64m - 90m - 70m. The superstructure consisted of a single-cell box girder, cast-in-situ using a form traveler system and constructed in balanced cantilevering. The girder's depth varied from 6m at the main piers to 3m at the mid-span and ends. The main piers were supported on 18 bored piles, each 1.5m in diameter.

Constructing this bridge in the middle of the city over a busy intersection required meticulous planning for the pile foundations. This was done with careful consideration of the available space and site restrictions. However, the major challenge arose during the piling activities, after the entire design was complete. Unforeseen utilities began to surface, leading to multiple redesigns and direct discussions with the client and contractor under tight timelines. Eventually, a highly eccentric piled foundation proved to be the optimal solution.


New Delhi, India



Capital Cost

USD $130M


Egis India Pvt Ltd


Independent Design Review

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