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Hespeler Road Underpass

As part of the Cambridge Highway 401 Expansion, the Hespeler Road Bridge, a crucial component of the project, required the erection of 600 tonnes of structural steel for a seven-lane bridge with two equal 40-meter spans. The busy highway meant that the girders had to be erected within short night closures and the necessity to maneuver the operations within space constraints. Key Features:

Total Steel Erected: A total of 600 tonnes of structural steel in 14 girder segments, four girder lines for eastbound lanes and three girder lines for westbound lanes, each lift weighing about 45 tonnes.

Erection Methodology: Utilized a 400 ton LTM 1400 crane operation.

Erection Sequence: Initiated with the erection of four steel box girder lines in phase one and proceeded with the erection of three girder lines in phase two. The girders were delivered on the highway and positioned adjacent to the crane on the truck.

Challenges Addressed: The main challenge was positioning the crane with fully extended outriggers and a delivery truck within a confined space while ensuring all girder lines could be lifted from a single crane spot. This required significant coordination with the erector to optimize crane placement and manage the spatial constraints effectively. Additionally, the uneven load distribution of a four-legged bridge necessitated careful assessment of the box girder and lifting lugs during the lifting process.


Cambridge, ON



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E.S. Fox Limited


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