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Hwy17 Calabogie Road Bridge

Aecon Group was chosen by the Ontario government for the $25M Highway 17/Calabogie Road interchange project. The project includes a key bridge designed for future four-lane Highway 17 traffic. This two-span bridge, with two 52m equal spans carries four lanes across Highway 17 with a composite steel girder and Cast-In-Place (CIP) deck structure. Key Features:

Erection Methodology: A total of 300 tonnes of structural steel in 6 box girder segments were erected using a single 300T GROVE GMK6300 L-1 crane.

Erection Sequence: For the erection of the north abutment and pier segments, the crane was positioned west of the new bridge and the segments were delivered via the existing highway. First, the north abutment girder segments, each measuring 39m in length and weighing approximately 40 tonnes, were put into place on temporary shoring. Following this, the 26m pier segment, also weighing about 40 tonnes, was erected. It was rested on temporary shoring at the pier, until the cap/diaphragm was cast, and at splice 1. Finally, the south abutment segment was erected with the crane now positioned south of the existing highway and east of the new bridge.

Challenges Addressed: To allow quick opening of traffic after the south abutment girder was lifted, strongback beams were designed and positioned on the top flange. These beams connected the segment to the pier segment without requiring the installation of minimum splice bolts. They were designed to support the north end of the south abutment girder segment and withstand 10-year winds. Traffic was allowed to pass safely underneath once the girder segments were connected with the strongback beam.


Renfrew County, ON



Capital Cost

CAD $25M


E.S. Fox Limited


Construction Engineering

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