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NW Ramp over Stoney Trail, West Calgary Ring Road Project

The NW Ramp over Stoney Trail, a key component of the West Calgary Ring Road initiative, presented a complex structural steel erection project for a curved, 224-meter-long, four-span bridge. The project's challenges were amplified by the bridge's alignment and the necessity to maneuver around restricted zones. Key Features:

Total Steel Erected: Approximately 900 tonnnes, across four girder lines with a kinked geometry in plan view.

Erection Methodology: Utilized single crane picks involving an LTM1400 and an LTM1250.

Erection Sequence: Initiated at the east abutment and progressed westward. The first two girder segments in each span were erected simultaneously – one ground assembled girder pair by each crane – and air-spliced before load release. The remaining girder lines were erected as individual segments, with each new segment braced against the previously set girders.

Stability Measures: For stability against potential wind loads from a 1 in 10 year event, transverse and longitudinal restraints were implemented. Transverse restraints at abutments and piers, coupled with longitudinal restraints at the three central piers, ensured the structure's restraint during erection. The central piers are integrally connected to the superstructure in the bridge's final state and therefore could be used as fixed points during erection.

Challenges Addressed: Significant effort was dedicated to optimal crane positioning to navigate no-placement zones effectively. Additionally, the restraints system was optimized to meet the region's high wind demands while complying with the safety requirements.


Calgary, AB, Canada



Capital Cost

CAD $20M (Est)


Central Steel


Construction Engineering

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