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Queensview Pedestrian Bridge

The Queensview Bridge, an O-Train initiative in Ottawa, is an infrastructure project enhancing pedestrian connectivity. This two-span steel truss bridge, with spans of 50m and 22m, crosses Highway 417 and the O-Train tracks, connecting the north side of Highway 417 to Baxter Road on the south side. This bridge provides communities with direct access to Queensview Station. The bridge features a 4.6m wide truss carrying a 3.6m clear multi-user pathway. Spannovation's involvement in the project included the assembly and erection engineering for the steel truss spans. Key Project Highlights:

Steel Erected: Two truss spans, weighing 64MT and 29MT respectively, were erected.

Erection Methodology: The truss spans were assembled in a staging area using a 75MT HTC 8675 for lifting and a Broderson crane for stability during assembly. The longer truss was built in three segments, requiring ten temporary supports set to specific elevations to facilitate splicing, accounting for truss pre-camber. After splicing, SPMTs transported the spans along the highway's westbound shoulder. The pre-assembled spans were then individually lifted using an LTM 1400 crane, which has a maximum lift capacity of 400 tonnes. The precast deck panels were erected using the HTC 8675 crane.

Challenges Addressed: Minimizing highway closure was a primary challenge. The assembly took place in a staging area to the north of the site to mitigate this. The crane's positioning was carefully planned on the westbound lanes, allowing for the delivery of pre-assembled trusses, and ensuring adequate reach to erect both spans from one position without boom interference with the trusses.


Ottawa, ON



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