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Sipri Bazaar Road Over Bridge

The project involved the design and construction of three road over bridge spans near Sipri Bazar, Jhansi on the Bina-Palwal & Jhansi - Kanpur Section of N.C. Railway. The spans, crossing the existing railway tracks, are 36m, 50m, and 36m in length. However, due to several challenges such as on-site and design delays, the project experienced a five-year postponement, leading to the original contractor's withdrawal. As a result, Galvano India Pvt Ltd took over the project in 2020.

The main task assigned to us by Galvano India was to redesign the 50m main span with a skew of 15.445°. The superstructure, with a total width of 15m, incorporated three traffic lanes and two sidewalks, one on either side. The superstructure comprises composite steel plate girders, initially designed according to the working stress design method. A 240mm cast-in-place deck is supported by six lines of plate girders each 2.6m deep and spaced at 2.5m.

The project's five-year delay was primarily due to the non-approval of the superstructure design and erection scheme concerns. To address these issues, we redesigned the superstructure based on the Limit State design philosophy, which encompassed a strengthening design for the girders to rectify deficiencies. Our design was successfully defended and promptly approved by various government agencies after discussions with the owners' engineers. Additionally, we devised a scheme for the erection process. This includes planning lift placements in accordance with railway operation windows and restrictions, and providing detailed plans for critical lifts, rigging arrangements, wind restraints and stability bracing.


Jhansi, India



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