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University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Master of Science, 2001

Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi

Bachelor of Technology, 1997

Professional Licenses

PEng: BC, AB, MB, ON




Raj Singh, MSc, PEng

CEO / Managing Principal

Raj's role as CEO is a blend of strategic, business, and technical leadership. As CEO of the Spannovation Group, he is instrumental in shaping the company's strategic direction. His role involves planning, setting long-term goals, and ensuring that these objectives align with the vision of the company. His leadership extends across the North American and Indian operations, emphasizing a global perspective in decision-making. In terms of operations, Raj oversees the overall functioning of the company. This includes managing resources, ensuring optimal performance across departments, and maintaining a high standard of service delivery.

Raj's ability to cultivate successful engineering teams underscores his outstanding leadership skills. His entrepreneurial journey encompasses founding Infinity Engineering in 2009, where he served as Vice President, merging it with McElhanney in 2015 where he held the role of Market Sector Lead for Bridges, and ultimately, conceiving Spannovation in 2019. Raj's excellent communication skills facilitate collaborative relationships with a diverse array of teams and stakeholders, thereby steering the company and keeping it accountable towards its mission.

As a Principal Engineer, Raj's experience spans various types of bridges, such as highway, pedestrian and long span river crossings. He routinely works with contractors in developing efficient bridge erection methodologies and solutions. Singh's capacity for innovative problem-solving is demonstrated in his track-record of conceiving pragmatic solutions tailored to specific site constraints, realizing cost savings on projects.

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